Corporate Culture

Through 10 years of development, Phuong Anh Steel - PAS brand name has continuously developed values ​​and consistent with the motto of "Accompany to flourish together, cohere to reach successful". In Phuong Anh Group, human resources are always considered as the core factor, the most valuable assets. Each member is always active, effort to learn, strive constantly to perfect themselves, always take Corporate culture with 6 core values ​​of the Group as a guide to adjust their behavior.
The core factor to bring the boat to Phuong Anh overcome the wind waves, continue to Thanh Cong is the value of people PHUONG ANH. We are enthusiastic, consistent, we agree, towards professionalism, efficiency, we are united and firmly overcome the difficulties and challenges to succeed.
To live is not only to receive but to give. Let's live our lives with our colleagues, and then you will receive a lot of happiness, help from others. When you make an effort to contribute to the development of the Company, Phuong Anh will always recognize and reward those contributions by sharing the value of the benefits.
As a member of the Phuong Anh family, we always try our best to learn, develop and build the values ​​of Phuong Anh culture to enhance our values ​​in Vietnam and in the world.
Let's build the same house in Phuong Anh, where you can be assured of long-term working, a place where there is a collective of unity and friends will together with you to overcome difficulties and challenges together. go to success.



Become a global prestigious, professional, qualified company.

The Core Values

- Share
- Warmth
- Intergrity
- Professional
- Consistent
- Startup


“Accompany to flourish together, cohere to reach successful ”
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